jueves, 30 de julio de 2009

Trying To Break The Cycle

EDUCATION IS AN IMPORTANT PATH to get personal and family development and consequently of communities and countries. However teenagers living in very poor neighborhoods, like many here in Chimbote Perú, and want to continue studying after having finished high school have to face, together with their parents, the ever-present concern which is to get money to provide food for the entire family to be able to eat every single day. A majority of adults have no access job leaving families also with little access to medical care.

On this context parents can't afford to send their teenagers to university nor technical school even though they would want to; others families will have to do great sacrifices beyond their expectations destabilizing them financially. But if people don't receive education, how could they ever break the cycle of poverty?

Considering this reality, the "Dollars for Scholars" and "Leaders for Tomorrow" programs of CHOI, are looking for 35 new young people, among all those in need that belong to poor neighborhoods surrounding "La Victoria", to offer them financial aid for each of them to be able to study a professional career until they will get their academic degrees.

That's why leaders of these educational program gathered young people and some family parents at the Corazón de Jesus parish located in "Ramal Playa" neighborhood to explain them on this posibility. They all have heard about requirements and conditions to be one of the recipients. So they will have to bring required documents for their correspondent evaluation until November 30, 2009.

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